Debut Album “Same Kids, Same Things” Available on Spotify 9/22

Live at The Upper Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Just Luckies at The Upper Room, Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 7, 2015, Photo: Ben Baker

Songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist KC Weldon met drummer Shea Briggs when a bad roommate situation resulted in a new friendship for the two as cohabitants of a north side Chicago apartment. They began writing songs together not long after moving in, and after a series of different musical projects, ended up forming The Just Luckies. The band name takes its roots from the two possible meanings of the word “just” and also represents the playful, whimsical sound for which the trio of ladies has become known.

In August of 2014, they released Red, White, & Bruised, an EP featuring songs about growing up, relationships, and moral codes. Those four tracks are not your run-of-the-mill indie pop tunes. Weldon and Briggs’ lyrics are musical expressions of their viewpoints on a number of issues, personal and political. The song “Three Chords and the Truth” for example, makes references to labeling GMOs and includes a line urging listeners to tip their servers. “Class Clowns” is a song about young love and points out that “kittens don’t last as long as tattoos.”   

“That juxtaposition between the important and the insignificant neatly sums up The Just Luckies’ songwriting style. The songs from their debut EP, Red, White, & Bruised, are just as whimsical and upbeat musically as they are serious and earnest lyrically.” — Pop ’Stache

September 2015 brings the release of their debut full-length album which features a more dynamic sound, in part due to the addition of lead guitarist Alex Williams. The 11-track record was created on themes such as adolescence, the fear of not knowing what you’re doing with your life, and of course, love, heartbreak, and everything in between. Weldon’s sardonic lyrics are perfectly counterbalanced by her youthful vocals (which are reminiscent of Jenny Lewis on early Rilo Kiley recordings) and the folksy drumming and guitar solos of Briggs and Williams respectively. Same Kids, Same Things marks an exciting debut from this female indie-folk trio.

Same Kids, Same Things will be available for streaming on all major platforms on September 22, 2015. Until then you can find it at!